What specs does video booth have?
- Weigh - 25 kg (55 lbs)
- Height - 23 cm (9 inch)
- Diameter - 83 cm (2,72 ft)
- Made of steel, plywood, plastic
- Wireless remote control directly from the software
- Ğ¡arrying capacity over 700 kg (1500 lbs)
- Working voltage: 110-240V (standard AC plug will work everywhere)
Which camera do i need?
Best choice will be GoPro hero black 7, 8 or 10 version. With it you can get a fully automated process from starting the platform to processing.
Can i use GoPro hero 9?
GoPro hero 9 does not implement all the requests that GoPro usually baked into the firmware. It can't be controlled through the app as GoPro 6,7 and 8 (not only with our software, but with any other)
Can i use iPad or iPhone?
Software is windows based. You will need computer with windows. iPad and iPhone not compatible with software because of the iOS.
Can i use iPad as second monitor (external monitor)?
Yes. It's very simple to use iPad as an external monitor with SpaceDisk app installed on your computer and on iPad.
What else do i need?
Also you will need:
- sd card (Sandisk Extreme or Samsung Evo)
- gaming laptop (processor i7-i9, 7,8,9,10 generation with at least 16 RAM is recommended)
- mobile power bank (power pack)
- usb Wi-Fi adapter
Which laptop better to use?
Gaming laptop:

- It is best to use a gaming laptop because it uses a powerful cooling system (processor i7-i9, 7,8,9,10 generation with at least 16 RAM is recommended).

You can use these models for example (or similar):

- ASUS Rog
- ASUS Tuf gaming
- DELL Alienware
- MSI gaming
- HP omen
- ACER nitro
Is it safety to use?
The system is absolutely safe and cannot hurt anyone.
Warranty for motor, metal parts and electronics 1 year.
Lifetime software license with free updates.
The platform is very durable and stable.
Is the spinning arm adjustable?
Yes, you can change the slope and height.
Do you have trial version of the software?
Yes, of course. We always recommend to test our software before purchasing. You need to fill in your details in registration form.
How can I control the spinning using a wireless remote control?
You can do this using a wireless remote trigger or directly from the software (you only need one button to start the spinning arm and recording). When recording ends, the platform will stop automatically..
What are the best settings for good video quality?
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Fps: 240
  • Output fps: 30
  • Output quality: High
How can I get both: GoPro connection and internet connection?
You need a Wi-Fi USB adapter or dongle to have both connections.
How many people usually set everything up and for how long?
One person (even a woman) can do this.
Depends on the setting:

Setting without light stands - 5 minutes
Setting with light stands - 20 minutes BBC
Can you explain in more detail how this works?
Guest stands on the platform.
The operator starts the process with one button from the software.
The arm begins to spin around the platform.
After recording spinning stops.
The video will be automatically transferred to the laptop for processing.
After 15 seconds your guest can share the result.
Can the system work with a phone or tablet?
You can install any device on the arm (you will need a special mount for your device). The best result and automated process you can get with GoPro cameras.
Can I brand the platform?
Yes, of course. The upper frame and sides are easy to remove for branding.
I am not an experienced user. Do you have video tutorial?
Yes, you can find the video tutorial by the link.
How can i connect GoPro HERO 7 Black camera to my PC?
How can i connect GoPro HERO 8 camera to my PC?
GoPro HERO 8 (factory reset)
How can i connect cable to the camera when it's in the box?
What type of light i can use on the 360 video booth arm?
You can find the video review by the link.
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